Rabu, 05 Mei 2010

animasi adobe CS3 tutorial

Animated Interface

Tutorial Files

If you are a PSD PRO member then download the PSD file and much more by going here.


Before we go any further, I’ll first mention that some of the things we will be using are native only to Photoshop CS3 extended, but most of the techniques can be used in any version and the tutorial will be helpful no matter what version you use. I have wanted to write this tutorial for a while as there are very few tutorials which have even mentioned smart objects or video layers and I think it is time we tackle them. Unlike a lot of tutorials this one will focus on techniques and learning and I have tried to explain everything in detail. I based this tutorial around the creation of a simple grunge interface and have walkthrough most of the steps but if you have some good knowledge of Photoshop then try creating your own unique interface and use the techniques I’ve shown. Although I’ve gone into a lot of detail, I wont explain things like how to create a new layer etc. but try some other tutorials on PSDlearning if you really are a beginner. Below is the animation (reduced size and quality) that we will create through this tutorial. Moree